Rōune is effortless, understated luxury

The idea of this company came out of need - I was desperately scouring the internet at 2am (as one does) for boots that I saw this gorgeous model wearing on Instagram and knew I had to have them. Did I find them? Yes...yes I did. Did I forget I have gigantor calves and wide ass feet? Yes, yes I did. So of course this led me down a rabbit hole of trying to find high fashion boots that would fit me, and guess what? Some odd hours later, I did not find them. I woke up the next morning, complaining to my girlfriend about my struggles, and that's when it hit me - make them yourself! 

I know so many lovelies out there who struggle to find boots to fit their calves or pointed toe shoes comfortable enough for their wide feet - so, whether you're thicc, athletic or genetically blessed, welcome to your new obsession! 

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my vegan queens out there -  I'm working on finding the perfect sustainable leather alternative for you, so bear with me and follow along this journey to find out when your collection is launching!

Much love,